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What is the purpose of FORTE.DLL?

Functions implemented in forte.dll (FORTE DYNAMIC-LINK LIBRARY) enable the FORTE programmer user to create his/her own software application which allows to set and read the logical levels on single pins of the programmer. Thus, the user can create various communication protocols (e.g. for testing, debugging, special device support, ...).

Except for functions which enable controlling of the single pins, the library contains also additional functions:

Example source codes

Source code examples for C, C++, Delphi and Python show how to communicate with devices via different types of interface.

Examples in C

Examples in C++

These examples contain GUI (graphical user interface) and an hexeditor.

Examples in Delphi

These examples contain GUI (graphical user interface).

Examples in Python


(905 705 B)
FORTE.DLL dynamic-link library: ver.

(4 074 568 B)
Example source codes for C, C++, Delphi and Python.

(PDF format, 556 924 B, 2020-12-01)
Application note with detailed description of the FORTE.DLL functions.

License agreement

The FORTE.DLL LIBRARY software is not a standalone product, it is an integral part of programmers made by ASIX s.r.o. It can be installed on any computer where some of ASIX programmers will be used. The software can be used free of charge. Legitimate user of ASIX programmers is allowed to download the FORTE.DLL LIBRARY software updates free of charge from ASIX' website.

User may not modify, reverse engineer or sell the software. The software may not be used with products of other manufacturers.

The software is provided "as is", without any warranty that it is error-free.

Version history

Version (2022-07-21)
Fixed: The 64-bit dll QShiftBytes and QShiftBytes_OutIn functions in some cases showed an exception.
Version (2020-12-01)
Fixed: I2C analyzer terminating has been fixed.
Fixed: Programmer did not close correctly on application close.
Version (2020-11-25)
Fixed: The I2C analyzer was slow.
Changed: On programmer open and close its pins set to high impedance state.
Version (2020-08-31)
Fixed: In 64bit dll version sometimes it was not possible to configure the programmer.
Version (2020-07-29)
Improved: Added new functions QAnI2CStart, QAnStop - I2C bus analyzer.
Version (2017-04-28)
Fixed: The VPP power supply start-up after the programmer configuration has been fixed, it caused big current consumption on USB.
Version (2017-02-02)
Fixed: Pins direction changes have been fixed in the Shift functions.
Version (2017-01-11)
Fixed: Functions QShiftBytes and QShiftBytes_OutIn have been fixed.
Version (2017-01-04)
Improved: Added new function QShiftBytes, it sends more Bytes at once.
Improved: Added new function QShiftBytes_OutIn, it sends and reads more Bytes at once.
Fixed: The QSetShiftSpeed function has been fixed, when it was first called before a Shift function was called, the SPI frequency has not changed.
Version (2016-12-08)
Improved: Added new function AGetProgList, it returns list of SNs of available programmers.
Improved: Supply voltage provided by the programmer can be set from 1.2 V.
Version (2015-04-02)
Initial version

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