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Archived USB drivers

USB drivers are now included in software UP installation.
You do not need to install them separately.

This is an archive of old USB drivers. Now, the USB drivers are included in software UP installation and you do not need to install them separately.

USB Drivers for old Windows systems

Although the USB drivers supplied in the UP installation package work in most cases well also in older systems like Windows XP, some installations of older systems may have problems with these new drivers. In such case please use these drivers:
⤓ (813 569 B)

Last "stand-alone" version of the USB drivers for PRESTO

(formát ZIP, 1 061 027 B)

Supported systems:

Version for Windows 98SE and Windows ME

(268 353 B)

USB Drivers Installation

  1. Download and unzip this archive to separate directory.
  2. Connect PRESTO to USB.
  3. New hardware will be recognized. When asked for drivers, browse to the directory with PRESTO USB drivers.
  4. After succesfull installation, green LED (On-LINE) will be turned on.
  5. Then install or upgrade UP.

Note: When upgrading UP or other programs for PRESTO, it is not necessary to upgrade also the USB drivers if these drivers were already installed and work well.

How to use PRESTO in Linux...

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