PVK40 is a feature-rich development board for the 40-pin PIC® Flash MCUs - PIC16F87x, PIC16F7x, PIC18Fxx.

The board includes all the circuitry necessary for an in-depth study of most of the microcontroller on-chip peripherals and for experimenting with several external peripherals. This board will help you to become an expert in PIC® MCU programming.

The 40-pin PIC® MCUs contain a superset of the peripherals found in the lower pin count devices, while the register mapping is still compatible. This is the reason why all the knowledge and experience gained on the 40-pin devices apply also to practically all other PIC® microcontrollers.

PVK40 can be used also with Atmel AVR ATmega64 microcontroller using the AVR4PVK module.

PVK40 can be used for experiments with embedded Ethernet using the SPINET4PVK module.

Abundance of peripherals available

  • 2 potentiometers connected to the A/D converter inputs
  • Photoresistor connected to the A/D converter input
  • Microphone with preamplifier connected to A/D converter input
  • Sockets for three types of serial EEPROMs (I2C - 24xx, MicroWire - 93xx, SPI - 25xx), 24LC01
  • RS232 connector (9-pin) and level converter
  • USB-to-serial module socket (for UMS3 module with FTDI FT232RL chip)
  • IR transmitter and receiver
  • 4-digit 7-segment LED display
  • LED bargraph (10 positions)
  • Intelligent alphanumerical LCD display interface
  • 1 individual (non-multiplexed) LED
  • 8 pushbuttons
  • Piezo-buzzer (connected to the PWM output pin)
  • Crystal oscillator 3.2768 MHz
  • Circuits neccessary for an additional crystal or RC oscillator
  • Reset pushbutton
  • Stabilized 5 Volt power supply
  • All I/O pins can be connected to the board auxiliary circuits listed above or, via a ribbon cable, to external circuitry.
  • Built-in support of ICSP (In-Circuit Serial Programming) and monitoring/debugging.

Code examples in Assembler and C language

There are more than 20 code examples available - most of them in three versions:

  • PIC16 Assembler (for PIC16F877A and compatibles)
  • PIC18 Assembler (for PIC18F4520 and compatibles)
  • C language (for PIC16F877A and compatibles, now also for Atmel AVR ATmega64)

These examples start with very basic programs for first-time user (Wire, Blink, ...), continue with simple programs controlling the peripherals and include also complex programs like Piano or Sound Recorder.

No hidden compiler cost! Code examples in assembler are to be be compiled by free Microchip MPLAB™ development system while the C examples require the free PICC Lite™ compiler by Hi-Tech Software. For AVRs use the free GNU tools.


 Larger image
 PVK40 with UMS1
 PVK40 with LCD display and UMS1

Supported devices

  • PIC16F871/874/877
  • PIC16F74/77
  • PIC18F4520
  • PIC18F442/452
  • ATmega64

...and many compatible parts...


  • Feature rich development kit
  • 40-pin PIC Flash support
  • Optional AVR support
  • Built-in ICSP, ICD and monitoring support
  • Code examples included - ASM, C


  • PVK40
  • User's Manual


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