PICQUICK is a very fast, reliable and cost effective development programmer for all Microchip PIC microcontrollers and Microchip serial E2PROMs.

One of the great advantages of PICQUICK is the support of all PIC families and device types - from the oldest to the latest ones. The user can choose the PIC most appropriate for the application and be sure that PICQUICK will handle the job.

In addition the most popular Microchip E2PROMs are also supported, such as the I2C and MicroWire devices, often used to enhance the PIC-based system memory capacity.

PICQUICK was developed as a very flexible piece of equipment - with future devices support in mind. Since its introduction, all new device types were added using exclusively software upgrades! No firmware upgrades were necessary, another cost advantage of PICQUICK compared to other programmers.

The software upgrade is freely available for all users on the Internet. It contains new device support, new functions, algorithm updates when required by Microchip.

ICSP (In-Circuit Serial Programming) is a very useful and often used PIC feature. PICQUICK directly supports this function using a dedicated on-board connector and an included cable. This is NOT a special option which must be purchased separately - with PICQUICK it is a standard feature!

Overcurrent limitation of supply and programming voltages remarkably reduces the risk of damaging the parts because of user mistakes.

The zero insertion force (ZIF) 40-pin programming socket allows easy device handling. For non-DIP devices we also offer optional adaptors and pin converters.

The software allows easy editing of program memory, internal E2PROM and fuses. Many options, such as the production mode, can be easily set.

Wide range of supported devices

  • All available PIC MCUs
  • Microchip I2C EEPROMs (24xx)
  • Microchip MicroWire EEPROMs (93xx)

Complete list of supported devices (by software UP, up to version 2.56) and comparison chart for all ASIX LPT-based programmers.


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  • Unlimited support of all PIC families
  • New devices are added as they appear on the market
  • Latest programming algorithms maintained for all devices
  • Free upgrade via Internet
  • ICSP support
  • Overcurrent limitation of supply and programming voltage
  • Zero insertion force socket
  • Wide range of adaptors for non-DIP devices
  • Fast and comfortable operation
  • Production mode available
  • Fast PC connection using the parallel port


  • PICQUICK programmer unit
  • ICSP cable
  • Power supply adaptor
    (Continental Europe only)
  • PC connection cable
  • Software (CD-ROM)
  • User's Manual


PICQUICK User's Manual (PDF format, 59 kB)

UP supports all Microchip devices on all ASIX programmers. This is a recommended software for PICQUICK and it is updated to support latest PIC devices.
DOS version 2.2:
V2-2-E.EXE (self-extracting EXE, 100 177 B) This version is not updated more and it does not support latest PIC devices.

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