PICCOLO GRANDE is a very low cost development programmer for Microchip PIC microcontrollers with Flash memory in 18-pin, 28-pin and 40-pin packages. These devices can be also programmed using the included ICSP cable.

PICCOLO GRANDE is an ideal entry-level programmer for small bussines, hobbyists and students. It is dedicated to users who do not want to waste their time building a self made programmer but who want to concentrate on useful development work. With PICCOLO GRANDE you are sure that the programmer is compliant to the latest Microchip's programming specifications for development programmers.

PICCOLO GRANDE is optimized for low price but contains all the necessary components to start your work immediately.

PICCOLO GRANDE supports ICSP (In-Circuit Serial Programming).

Wide range of Flash PIC MCUs supported:

  • 18-pin, 28-pin and 40-pin Flash PIC MCUs in DIP packages directly (non-ZIF socket)
  • Other Flash PIC MCUs supported with ICSP cable

Namely, these families are supported:

  • PIC12F6xx
  • PIC16F8x
  • PIC16F6xx
  • PIC16F7x
  • PIC16F7xx
  • PIC16F81x
  • PIC16F87x
  • PIC18Fxx2
  • PIC18Fxx8
  • PIC18Fxxxx

Complete list of supported devices (by software UP, up to version 2.56) and comparison chart for all ASIX LPT-based programmers.


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  • Very low cost
  • Flash Microchip PIC micros supported
  • Microchip programming algorithm (development programmer) compliant
  • ICSP support


  • PICCOLO GRANDE programmmer
  • ICSP cable
  • Power supply
    (Continental Europe only)
  • Parallel port cable
  • Software (CD-ROM)
  • User's Manual


PICCOLO GRANDE User's Manual (PDF format, 36 kB)

UP supports all Microchip devices on all ASIX programmers. This is a recommended software for PICQUICK and it is updated to support latest PIC devices.
DOS version 1.5:
PC15ENG.ZIP (ZIP archive, 74 345 B) This version is not updated more and it does not support latest PIC devices.

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