Programmer/Debugger for Cyan eCOG1

CAPR-EC is a low cost programmer/debugger for Cyan Technology famous eCOG1 16-bit processor with 64 Kbytes of Flash memory and the Cyan flexible multiplexed clocking architecture for very low power consumption and many other advanced features included such as DMA, host and memory interfaces, and modular system interfaces.
Please note that Cyan Technology stopped production of this MCU and removed all information about it and all software from their website.

Software features

CAPR-EC is compatible with free CyanIDE - the industry leading Integrated Development Environment from Cyan Technology. Supporting eCOG range of microcontrollers, CyanIDE allows you to develop, configure, build, test and debug all your microcontroller applications from a single environment reducing development time and cost. The full CyanIDE includes:

  • Configurator for Peripherals
  • Full C compiler
  • Assembler
  • Linker
  • Simulator
  • All Documentation
  • Example Application Code

Hardware features

Standard parallel port (LPT) is used for communication with CAPR-EC. Equipment is powered by target application (3.3 V).

Target application Power on state is indicated by a green LED and Busy status (programming or debugging access to microcontroller) by a yellow LED for user's convenience.

In-system programming/debugging approach further enhances eCOG1 flexibility. Standard 10-pin header (with pin layout similar to e.g. Atmel ISP conventions) is to be connected to target application PCB and user is ready to develop the application.


1: MOSI       2: VCC
3: CS         4: GND
5: LOADB      6: GND
7: CLOCK      8: GND
9: MISO          n.c.



 Larger image


 Larger image

Supported devices

  • eCOG1
  • eCOG1i


  • CAPR-EC base unit
  • SubD-9 to Header-10 cable
  • Parallel port cable
  • CD-ROM with software and documentation
  • User's Manual


CAPR-EC User's Manual (PDF format, 93 kB)

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